Channel : SBS
Genre : Variety Show
Sunday at 17.20 pm (Korea Time) [starting in July 11th 2010]

✔Yu Jae Suk

✔Permanent Members:
✔Ji Suk Jin
✔Kim Jong Kook
✔LeeSsang’s Gary
✔Lee Kwang Soo
✔Song Joong Ki
✔Song Ji hyo

If you are korean addict you must know this variety show. Before I already knew about this show, I haven't interest to watch this show at that time. But, when I started to watch it, I became addict to this show and ask my friends to get all the episode (episode 1 until episode 19) and I always watch it every sparetime, every games in the show makes me laugh. The show is really hillarious an crazy xD

The show will have top star guests along with the MC be in 'unexpected places' with 'unexpected item' unfolding a different dimension from other existing variety shows.The show portrays action city variety where casts are constantly running into each other through the night, so its been decided that the program will be called "Running man" considering the content of the program"