Hello Stranger

This movie really made me laugh out loud and burst into tears mingled into one.
The movie has a lot of silly behaviours are shown in both actor and actress, especially the actor (Chantavit Dhanasevi), He is very real with his acting when he do the silly things he did in the movie.
And after i watching this movie, i increasingly want to visit korea, because i'm also in love and addicted with K-Drama :D
I'm guarantee you will not disappointed if you watch the movie.

This is the synopsis for those who are interest to watch :
A girl (Neungtida Sophon) who's obsessed with Korean TV dramas goes on a holiday to Seoul and meets a guy (Chantavit Dhanasevi), who doesn't get the whole Korean craze but signs up for a package tour anyway because he's lonely. Agreeing to not exchange names, the pair have all sorts of wacky adventures while travelling around South Korea.