Legendary ‘Gee’ is officially ‘Song Of The Decade’

Recently, one of Korea’s most popular online music site, melOn released a top-100 chart called the ‘2000s Music Chart‘, listing top songs from year 2000 to 2010. Besides the fact that it is a chart that reflects the most popular songs during the hottest Kpop era, our eyes were fixed at the top of the table because ‘Gee‘ was crowned theno.1 song of the 2000s.

Seen as a legendary song, ‘Gee”s achievements in 2009 were truly remarkable where it won 9 consecutive K-Chart awards, Digital Bonsang and Digital Daesang at the 24th Golden Disk Awards, Song Of The Year Award and T-Mobile Music Award at the 2009 melOn Music Awards, Bonsang, Digital Music Award and Daesang at the 19th High1 Seoul Music Awards, etc.

Besides ‘Gee’, SNSD’s ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)‘ was also placed within the top 50 of the chart, where it managed to secure the 42nd spot.

The chart painted a thousand words and no one could deny that ‘Gee’ being named the song of the decade was a well-deserved title.

Credit: melOn.com/fanwonder.com