Park Joong Hoon accidentally spoils “Running Man”

‘Power Twitter’ star Park Joong Hoon recently caused some confused laughter to erupt on the set ofSBS’s “Running Man“, thanks to a spoiler he leaked on his Twitter.

Park and fellow guest Lee Sun Gyun attended their first recording for the show on April 18th, and although recording began normally as with any other day, producers were thrown off guard when they found out that the “Running Man” members already knew who their guests were.

But how? The culprit was none other than Park. Previously, a fan had asked what his schedule was for the week through his Twitter, to which he replied, “I’ll be on Running Man with Lee Sun Gyun.”

Although he deleted the tweet after realizing his mistake, thousands of fans and reporters were already alerted of the appearance thanks to the power of social media. Inevitably, the “Running Man” members claimed to have seen the news reports before the recording.

Lee complained, “The producers told me to stay quiet about it so I even kept it a secret from my wife!”

After completing their recording, Park commented, “I was deeply touched by the producers working with dozens of cameras for every shot. It was fun, but it wasn’t anything to be taken lightly of.”

Lee added, “The studio was more fun than the actual recording. It’s my first time seeing a lot of the members here, but we got close very fast after running around together for a bit.”

Their episode can be seen in full on May 1st.

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